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IEEE Technical Activities Volunteer Training

Presenter: Vincenzo Piuri, 2015 IEEE Technical Activities Vice President

Time: Wednesday, April 15 20:00 - 21:00

Room: Ambleside II, Downtown Pinnacle Marriott Vancouver Hotel

Attendance is free!

The workshop is designed to train and empower members who desire a more thorough understanding of available IEEE Volunteer opportunities in the area of technical activities, so they may become more active in the association. Participants will gain knowledge of how to play a larger role in building technical communities, organizing successful activities, and training future generations of Volunteers. Focus will be on technical committees and chapters, conferences, publications, and educational activities.

Attendees will be encouraged to expand their roles as Volunteers, and replicate the content delivered at the event in their local communities, to cultivate a strong, knowledgeable, and engaged Volunteer base. Participants will receive certificates upon completion of the workshop. This is a one-hour condensed version of the IEEE Technical Activities Volunteer Training Workshop organized by the IEEE Technical Activities Board.