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SysCon is pleased to announce the current President of the Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society of IEEE and Past President of the IEEE Systems Council, Robert Lyons, Jr. as the keynote speaker on Tuesday, April 14, 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM.

Systems Engineering Can Make or Break a Program

This talk is one engineer and program manager’s retrospective analysis of systems engineering issues and their programmatic impacts. The programs in question span more than 40 years and cover small to very large avionics, command and control, space, and weapons systems. As each system is discussed, its technical problems -- most of which are systems engineering related, the linkage to program outcomes, and the lessons that would have been good to have been learned 40 years ago are summarized.

Mr. Lyons is the former United States Air Force Director, HQ Air Force Materiel Command Acquisition Center of Excellence. He has worked on nuclear instrumentation, solid-state electron devices, and microwave systems in 3 USAF laboratories. He also led many diverse projects, including serving as the Avionics and Software Integrated Product Team Leader for the F-22, the Deputy Program Director for the F-15, and the Program Director for the X-32 Joint Strike Fighter. Currently, Mr. Lyons lectures on project, program, and risk management classes, specifically on the Digital Avionics Architectures and Software Management at the University of California at Los Angeles Extension.

Download Mr. Lyons' full bio