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Luncheon Speaker

Chris Paredis (Program Director, ENG/CMMI ESD & SYS, National Science Foundation) will be providing a presentation during lunch on Tuesday, April 14 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM.

Presentation Title: NSF Program Overview: Engineering and Systems Design (ESD) and Systems Science (SYS)

Abstract: This presentation provides an overview of the Engineering and Systems Design (ESD) and Systems Science (SYS) programs at the National Science Foundation.  I will start by presenting my conceptual model of systems engineering and design, identifying what I believe are the core issues in our research area.  From there the two programs will be introduced and differentiated from each other.  For each program, the role and scope of the program are defined, and several examples and possible directions for future research are provided.  The presentation will end with some logistical details about the programs and an opportunity for Q&A. The overall goal is to increase the success of principal investigators when submitting proposals to the ESD or SYS programs.